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  Featured Artists

John Asaro

Impressionistic portrayals of female family relationships in relaxed poses.

Robert Bateman Canadian artistís exceptional wildlife paintings in limited edition prints.
Jim Buckels Scenes of landscapes depicted with an almost mystical sensitivity.  
Gary Bukovnik Closeups and still lifes of flowers in bloom, painted in watercolor, often of monumental size. 
Nancy Charles Small, sensitively etched portraits of North American and African animals.
Nancy Coffelt Lively oil pastels executed in a manner giving the effect of child-like simplicity.
Yvonne Davis Distinctively designed paintings of floral borders surrounding nesting birds in bowls. 
Ellen Gunn Serigraphs of floral bouquets and garden scenes by New York artist.
Joe Feddersen Northwest inspired visions of rainscapes and native baskets by Colville printmaker.
William Gatewood Elaborately embellished paintings and monotypes of sophisticated Japanese inspired design.
R C Gorman Hand pulled lithographs of softly rendered women of the Southwest.
David Grojean Abstract expressionist paintings on paper in minimalist style.
Haruyo  Finely embellished serigraphs of Japanese ladies dressed in decorative traditional costumes.
Lu Hong Sophisticated Picasso style versions of women and Chinese folk art.
Lisa Jones Soft and delicate monochromatic etchings of small animals.
John MacPherson One of a kind fluted glass vessels formed with lip wraps, sprinkles, and clouds. 
Scott Melville Exquisitely detailed egg tempera paintings influenced by pointillist technique.
Thomas McKnight Narrative, colorful serigraphs of idyllic locations painted in a refined primitive style.
Earlene Moses Picturesque scenes of thatch roof cottages in the English countryside.
Amado Pena Graphic depiction of serene and noble Indians of the Southwest presented as low editioned hand pulled serigraphs.
Marcia Peterson Unique, delicate fairy dolls dressed in imaginatively crafted floral outfits and settings.
Rachel Pettit Expressive plein air paintings of Inland Northwest rural landscape scenes.
Henri Plisson Old World charm of gardens, country scenes, and seasides expressed in an impressionistic manner.
Cuca Romley Finely hand painted delicate and detailed line etchings of country and city scenes.
Jerry Schurr Reduction technique serigraphs of precisely designed landscapes. 
Carol Scott Quilts designed in bright harmonious colors. 
Marvin Smith Luminist influenced scenes of the Palouse painted in numerous layers which change appearance with varying levels of light. 
Wes Snyder Deeply hammered copper repousse scenes of animals, in multiple panels.
Annora Spence Charming and whimsical depiction of everyday life by British artist.
Joanne Tatman Floral watercolors and uniquely designed framed fiberscapes.
Ting Shao Kuang Yunnan style Chinese paintings portraying the idealized beauty of women in Nature.
Natalie Warrens Whimsy and clean lines combine in stylish ceramics with a glass like finish.
Nobuo Watanabe Colorful and precisely painted scenes influenced by Americana primitive genre.
Eric Waugh Musically inspired themes of curvilinear stick figures in lyrical compositions painted on paper.
Zhou Ling Serigraphs of women in tropical settings characterized by rich color and bold shading reminiscent of Cubist techniques.

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