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Professional Quality
The profession of custom picture framing demands patience, precision, attention to detail, and a desire to produce a finished product which will stand the test of time. The proper selection of the various elements of a frame—the moulding, mats, and glazing, requires a skill that combines them in proportionate size and color combination to achieve an aesthetically pleasing presentation.

Our over 35 years of custom framing experience can help guide you in your selection from hundreds of choices in the use of materials and framing techniques appropriate to the value of your artwork—whether it is a poster, an oil painting, or dimensional object of memorabilia. Works of fiber, such as cross-stitch and needlepoint are given particular care and attention since we are appreciative of the huge amount of time necessary for their completion. We are also well versed in archival products and techniques for their proper use.

Comfortable Atmosphere
Our clients enjoy the comfortable intimate atmosphere of the cottage style studio. Its artful ambience provides an unhurried environment in which to make your choices, while the well lit showrooms offer an attractive array of currently displayed artworks in a home like setting. A cozy client room provides a view of the surrounding well landscaped area, and the sample room is filled from floor to ceiling with moulding samples for those who wish to be overwhelmed by a variety of choices.

We encourage you to give us a call to set up an appointment. Our phone number is (509) 747 5267. We will work with you to satisfy your personal preferences to provide an accurate price on a non-obligation basis. Since there is such a wide range of choices we do not give quotes by phone.

Aspects of Framing
Custom framing is a process of choosing the proper materials to enhance the presentation of the item being framed. Our section aspects of framing gives a more extensive explanation of the elements that are involved. 


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